#British #Romcom First draft chapter 13 – read an excerpt now #chicklit

‘Used to come here as a kid, with my gran.’ He picked up the cake and took a large bite. ‘That’s good. The cakes here were always good.’ He laughed and took another bite.2014-08-27_17.31.37

‘I’ll have to get some practice in then. But maybe I’ll wait until my kitchen is sorted out.

‘Have you had time to look through my estimate?’ Nathan poured himself a cup of tea, adding a liberal amount of milk and sugar.

‘Yes. Not in any great detail though.’

‘I know it’s a lot of money. Just to put your mind at rest you should get other quotes, but I doubt any will be better.’

‘No.’ Ella didn’t want to tell him she’d had no luck with other builders.

‘I would suggest we start with the heating, install a new boiler first, that way you’ll have hot water. Then rewire. Then the kitchen, then the bathroom.’

‘Yes,’ Ella said, her voice sounding mechanical. It was overwhelming.

‘Don’t worry; our guys will keep the mess to a minimum. They’ll only work Monday to Friday, office hours, so most of it will happen when you’re at work. ‘I’ll ensure they leave it tidy every night.’

‘I don’t go to work anymore,’ Ella said. She cut herself another slither of cake and offered Nathan one.

‘Oh. I thought you worked at Gubbins with Sam.’

‘I did. I don’t anymore. I don’t need the money so much now and I hated it.’

‘Well, I’m sure we’ll still be able to get the work done without disturbing you too much.’ He didn’t sound convinced. ‘Assuming, of course, that you choose us.’ He got up and took his plate and mug out to the kitchen, washed them up in the sink.

Ella watched his back, he was wearing a white t-shirt again and she could see the muscles on his back moving as he washed up.

‘Do you always wear white t-shirts?’ she said, thinking aloud.

He turned and frowned, then laughed. ‘Yes. Mostly.’

‘Don’t they get, you know, dirty, with your job and everything?’

‘Yes. But they wash easily too. Anyway, I don’t do the really dirty jobs.’


‘I’m a musician first and foremost, if you remember.’

‘Yeah,’ Ella said, turning back to her unpacking and remembering that shitty song.

This is a first draft, so is subject to change and please excuse any errors.

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I love to write about everyday life as though viewed side on - I like to catch the object which moves in the corner of your eye and disappears when you turn. I'm fascinated by the ordinary man, or woman, who isn't quite what they seem. I like to see the magic and mystery in every situation and relationship. Life intrigues me and I often find it amusing. When I don't like what's going on in the world, I write another one. Join me.
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