He’s gorgeous, but would you want a man like #Poldark in real life?

If, like me, you enjoyed the first episode of BBC’s Poldark last weekend, then you’ll be looking forward to this Sunday night when the second episode is aired. Who wouldn’t fall for a hero like Ross Poldark? Dark smouldering eyes beneath a permanently knitted brow, just returned from the American War of Independence with a sexy scar on his face to prove it, who could resist him? His true love apparently. The woman whose memory kept him going through the three years he was away fighting is marrying his dull but dependable cousin, leaving Poldark broken-hearted.

Never mind, Poldark gets on his horse and gallops along breathtaking Cornish cliff tops, an azure blue sea his backdrop; then saves street urchin Demelza and takes her home as his kitchen maid. Even when her father and brothers turn up to claim her back he doesn’t flinch when they set about him and the beating he takes – even though he ultimately wins – would kill most men in real life, or at least have them in hospital for a month. Ah, fiction, so much better than reality.

There’s no denying that Poldark is a man’s man who women swoon over. But would you want a Ross Poldark in real life? Would he take his turn with the washing-up, deliver the children to playgroup, trudge around the supermarket on a Saturday morning? No, he’d be more likely to smash the crockery against the inglenook and gallop off into the sunset, before returning with a thunderous scowl on his face to claim his ‘rights’. Exciting as that might be the first few times, it would wear you out after a while. In real life you’d be more likely to settle down with his dull but dependable cousin.

PoldarkAidan Turner, the actor who plays Poldark is brooding and dark with a tangled main of black hair, soulful eyes and a manly gait. He wears the breeches, boots and long coats well! He has the perfect looks for a hero of any era. If my own books, The Finder, The Illusionist or my new Rom Com, Is He The Onesie, are ever filmed – well a girl’s got to dream – I’d love him to play the lead. Oh well, sigh – as I said, fiction is so much better than reality.


About cjmorrow13

I love to write about everyday life as though viewed side on - I like to catch the object which moves in the corner of your eye and disappears when you turn. I'm fascinated by the ordinary man, or woman, who isn't quite what they seem. I like to see the magic and mystery in every situation and relationship. Life intrigues me and I often find it amusing. When I don't like what's going on in the world, I write another one. Join me.
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