Stonehaven – a world without laws or rules, just expectations. You can’t see it, I can’t see it, but some can. And they must be found, identified and brought home, even if they don’t know they are lost.

May 2017: Stonehaven Box Set now available

box set stonehaven 3


Delighted to announce that the Stonehaven box set is now available on Amazon – all three books for just £1.49:

The Finder
The Illusionist
The Sister

You can pick up yours now at



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The Finder

The Finder – Stonehaven Book 1
Available on Amazon as an eBook or paperback. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Elliot has been around the block a few times; cynical and arrogant he’s used to a quiet life. Things have always come easily and there isn’t a mystery he can’t solve. Life is about order and running…that is until Hannah and Helena enter his life.

A chance meeting leads Elliot on a magical journey and into a world without rules or laws. Everything he believes about himself and his perception of the world is about to be challenged. To understand his destiny he must confront his past and secrets that have been long since buried.

This is a tale for anyone who ever believed in magic, magic in the every day, unexplained movement glimpsed in the corner of your eye – you turn, there’s nothing there. And love. And hope.

Mysterious. Magical. Possible.

Illusionist cover 28 Jan 15The Illusionist – Stonehaven Book 2
Available on Amazon as an eBook and paperback. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Follow the further adventures of Hannah and Marcus to a death defying conclusion as their story weaves in and out of the real world – our everyday world – and their magical world.

They have been sent on a mission by the Stonehaven council; they must locate Magnifico and find out what, or who he is. Can they uncover the truth before he makes his gorge walk? A walk which could put Stonehaven in danger.

See the secrets of Stonehaven further revealed piece by piece. Experience the twists and turns in this exciting story – you’ll be walking a tightrope of suspense and danger, romance and magic.

The sister Cover final kindleThe Sister – Stonehaven book 3
Available on Amazon as an eBook and paperback. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Hannah is sweet. Helena is not. She’s watching. She’s waiting. She’s out there.

With Marcus and Hannah ensconced on Stonehaven with their newborns, it’s up to Helena and Caleb to continue the findings.
They’ve been pulled away by Ethan, who now considers himself an expert on the outside world, to investigate two findings of his choosing – much to Helena’s annoyance.

Helena is despatched to a school and Caleb to a prison. Will Ethan’s choices prove worthy as they continue the search for their kind?

Helena: if vexed she will hex. No swords, no sorcery, just magic.

Happy reading.

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