Kindle Cover V1 smallerNEVER LEAVES ME – He was the love of my life

Do we ever really know the people we love?

Recurring dreams of a car crash make sleep a nightmare for Juliette.
The true nightmare begins when she wakes up, but loving husband Robin is by her side to help her remember, and forget.
It’s up to best friend Steven to fill in the gaps and turn her dreams into reality.
With the faintest memories of a schoolgirl being kissed and a missing letter from her younger sister, Juliette is finding it hard to comprehend what is real and what is not. Can she uncover the truth before it’s too late or will she end up living a lie forever?
Do we ever really know the people who love us?
This enthralling psychological thriller will have you doubting the characters and even your own loved ones.

Available on Amazon for just 99p/c or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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NEW RELEASE: A Onesie is not just for Christmas

Cover garland

  • Finally, it’s here! The sequel to laugh-out-loud romantic comedy Blame it on the Onesie. This one picks up the story minutes after we left Ella and Nathan in the pub, where he’d declared his love for her. What happens next? Read and discover. I hope you enjoy.

    It’s all change for Ella.
    – Nathan has declared his love: ‘It was only ever you I wanted,
    only ever you I loved.’
    – Sleaze weasel Hal is but a distant memory
    – Spring Cottage ‘rules’ are getting in the way
    – And Christmas seems a long way off

    Pull on your onesie, light the fire, grab a hot chocolate and join Ella, Nathan, Sam, Charlie, Walt and the cavalry for another riotous read. You can pick up the ebook from here.

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Indie Author Day 2017 – Romance Sale

indie author day 2017 - Pink

This weekend!! Don’t miss your chance to pick up some great books across all romance genres for just 99p/c or FREE.

Check out the link now:

Indie Author Romance 2017


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Never Leaves Me – cover reveal

Kindle Cover V1 smallerReally excited to reveal the cover for my next book.

This one’s a bit different from my others; it’s a psychological drama. Here’s a taste of what it’s about.

Recurring dreams of a car crash make sleep a nightmare for Juliette. The true nightmare begins when she wakes up, but loving husband Robin is there to help her remember, and forget.

Robin, the love of her life, has vowed he will never leave her and he’s true to his word. But, Robin doesn’t know everything and it’s up to best friend Stephen to fill in the gaps.

Publication date is TBA but should be October.


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The Isles of Scilly – sun, rain and soft, sandy beaches

This week I have mostly been in the Isles of Scilly. Beautiful islands, but to me, quite remote. We had every type of weather; sun, rain and freezing, gale force winds. These islands are tiny but have so many amazing beaches with sand the texture of icing sugar. They can only be reached by a 2-3 hour boat ride (450 passengers, so it’s a big boat), which can be a big bucket of vomit on choppy crossings. Some people were telling us how the boat ran out of sick bags on Tuesday, which was the day we had gale force winds and squally rain. Locals were telling us that the boat often ran out of sick bags – which tells you how choppy the sea often is. Apparently, it was worse than normal due to high Spring tides.

We flew, which was much quicker than taking the boat; 20 mins out and just 15 back. Our outward journey from Land’s End was in a 19-seater plane which seemed very small, however our return journey was in an 8-seater plane, even smaller. It felt like two small cars welded end to end. This really isn’t a journey for those who don’t like flying or are claustrophobic. I was able to watch all the flight instruments as the pilot maneuvered us into the sky. If you’ve ever wondered what those switches are that the pilot flicks on once the plane is in the sky – you’ve seen it in films – I can tell you. They’re fuel pumps. That’s how close I was to the pilot, I could read the dials and I was sat a row back from him – we flew at 120 mph! Very cosy and quite scary.

The airports both at Land’s End and on St Mary’s Island (the biggest one) were great: minimal waiting, comfortable seating, great little café and best of all, stunning coastal views. If only all airports could be like these. Word of warning though, if you plan to fly there, go on a diet; they weigh you before you get on the plane.

We also visited, via tiny little boat, Tresco, St Agnes and Bryher islands. All stunning. And cute. Troy Town Farm makes ice cream from their ‘special’ cows. Everyone raves about it. I can confirm that it is amazing ice cream. Yummy.

One supermarket – a Co-op smaller than our Tesco Local – serves all the islands. It heaved with expectant shoppers every morning, stocking up on fresh bread and canned goods, which are apparently nearly as cheap as they are on the mainland. There’s also a trendy deli selling lots of fresh produce and designer salt, plus the usual gift shops and, inevitably, ‘island clothes’, ie sweatshirts, waterproof coats, strong boots. Cavorting about on the sea or climbing the hills – stunning views guaranteed – are the main pastimes.

There are many rocky outcrops and formations, even one called Queen Victoria – and is does look just like her from a certain angle. From out hotel window we could see a rock that looked like a pile of boulders rising out of the sea. I’ve never been to the Scillies before but if I had it could have been the inspiration for my Stonehaven series.

I’d thoroughly recommend if you want to escape and be with nature. But don’t go Bank Holiday weekend in early May, as we left 150 or so gigs (long rowing boats) were preparing for a weekend of racing.


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New release in the Stonehaven series: The Sister

Finally, after what seems a long wait, I’m delighted to announce that The Sister, the third book in the Stonehaven series is out.

This one focuses on Hannah’s sister, Helena and her husband Caleb. If you remember at the end of The Illusionist we left them celebrating the arrival of Marcus and Hannah’s newborns, just before they are interrupted by Ethan:

Are we finished here?’ Ethan’s voice interrupts us as he steps out from the stone stack. ‘Caleb and Helena, we need to go to the other world; there’s been a development.

You may remember that where Hannah is sweet and gentle, her twin sister is not. This book, a novella, follows Helena as she is despatched to a school and Caleb to a prison in search of their own kind. Will Ethan’s choices prove worthy as they continue the search for their kind? How irritated will Helena become with Ethan?

The Sister is available for 99p or FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited.

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The magpie knocked on my door #omens

magpie2016 was a good year for me! My best for many years . I escaped from a job, or moreover an organisation, I’d come to despise and, because they made me redundant (thank you, BCS) I was able to follow my heart and my dream and WRITE for a living. I’m lucky. I know it. New babies came into our family too – always such pure joy. We also went on a wonderful holiday to New York and Canada. So, despite all the Brexit and Trump voting, neither of which really affects me on a daily basis, 2016 was a good year.

Then came 2017 and the magpie knocked on my door – quite literally!

A soft tapping on the front door, not like the knocker which reverberates through the house, and I looked out of the window and saw a magpie. It was clutching onto the brickwork around the door frame, leaning over and tapping on the door with its beak. I watched in amazement.

That afternoon my dad died.

Whether you believe in superstition or omens, or not, it was certainly very strange. One for sorrow – they say of magpies.

Yes, he was very old and he’d been sick for a few days – that’s all – but we didn’t expect him to die. We thought he was invincible. But he wasn’t.

It’s fairly common knowledge that January has the highest death rate in the UK – I even mentioned it in one of my short stories in Twelve. It’s not surprising really when you consider it’s the middle of miserable winter, but it meant that we had to wait more than three weeks for his funeral. And everything stopped in those three weeks. WH Auden’s poem Stop All The Clocks (Funeral Blues) has never felt so true.

What now?

Life is short – no matter how long we live. I’ve decided that’s it’s my duty to seek out joy and pleasure. To love life, to live it – on my terms. To try to smile more often – difficult when your mouth naturally turns down! To enjoy the small things as well as the large. Not to take life too seriously. To be kind to others and try to bring joy to them also.

To enjoy life, because life is too short to be miserable.

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